Welcome to Eliq Schweigt (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Eliq Schweigt (M) Sdn.Bhd dedicates itself towards the development and production of high quality products based on the latest technology available. Through original equipment manufacturer development inheriting of know-how from well established principals, the products represent a good balance between quality and cost.

As an entity with a global outlook, ELIQ SCHWEIGT is increasingly looking to the international market-place as its playing field. From a position of strength, ELIQ SCHWEIGT faces the future with confidence.

The company is currently involved in the manufacturing and distribution of automotive and industrial lubricants products as well as chemicals for various applications. The lubricant requirements of today vary extensively depending on engine make, design, operating conditions and service classifications.

The wide diversity in functions led to the development of many different types of ELIQ SCHWEIGT BETEC lubricating products as offered to the customers.

Solutions that can cater to a multitude of needs from passengers to industrial vehicles as well as commercial vehicle requirements

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